Road Closure

Trafford Council find an extra £2m to fix the potholes

Trafford Council are to fix up our roads after giving contractors an extra £2m over a three-month period, this new money found will be likely from the green bin tax and some from the airport.

We see the A56 at Washway Road being it seems the first road to be fixed with what looks to be like a full resurface, and it badly needed it! Trafford Council leader Sean Anstee told us that “The times the road will close are so to keep the traffic moving during the day, and the funds for road improvements had already been allocated, the £2m extra was found and welcomed”

Other roads like Cherry Lane, Sinderland Lane, the cycle path heading towards Stretford flats needs fixing, I know many other roads in Trafford are in a bad way, and it is likely many of these roads will see a normal pothole filling scheme rather than a resurface.

William Jones from the Trafford Lib Dems said: “It’s good to see that the Trafford Lib Dems campaign to highlight the state of our roads has led to £2m being found to tackle Trafford’s pothole crisis.

“It will go some way to reverse the cynical cut in the road maintenance budget in 2015/16.

“Manchester City Council have been busy fixing potholes with their windfall from Manchester Airport this year, Trafford have obviously found some money from this too (Trafford Council own 1% of Manchester Airport group) and the Green Bin charge for Trafford’s potholes.

“It is probably too much to hope that the new monies will be assigned on a needs basis rather than for short-term electoral gain in May.”

Neil Taylor from Liberal Trafford said on Twitter  “Also go back to 2010 and Trafford Council put in £24m in the roads.. they are still broken”

Either way no matter who you vote for be it Labour, Tories or Lib Dems and others it must be agreed that our roads needed this upgrade and we will all be feeling a little bit safer and less out of pocket as a result.


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