Fire Safety

Fire alarm glass smashed at a children’s play centre in Timperley

We have been told by a parent about an incident at the Antz in your Pantz play centre on Canal Road in Timperley on Jan 5th at around 1pm.

The parent who does not wished to be named told us, everything was going fine, and kids enjoying themselves, when she heard staff shouting for everyone to get out, they were seen running towards the fire exits as they were shouting.

We contacted Antz in your Pantz and they told us that the fire alarm was activated after a member of staff accidentally hit the break glass and that the same member of staff alerted management immediately.

A full evacuation continued in accordance with fire procedures, managers then checked the fire control panel, and alerted staff to the zone where the break glass was smashed.

A member of staff then did a full sweep of the building to ensure that everything was satisfactory.

Correct procedures were followed by staff at the front of the building, by going to the designated fire exits to open them and guide customers, this is where parents would have heard staff shouting to get out.

The manager and other members of staff helped by going to the play equipment to assist with the evacuation.

Only when the manager and owner were 100% sure of the false alarm was the evacuation halted and everyone carried on what they was doing, no one was hurt in the incident, despite the obvious concerns.

Antz in your Pantz also told us that they take fire safety extremely seriously and followed the correct procedures, which will reassure people that were evacuated and others looking to go the centre, that Antz in your Pantz care greatly about everyone and safety whilst on site is of paramount importance to them.





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