Gang of teenagers causing big problems in South Trafford


We have seen school letters warning parents about a problem where a gang of teenagers are going around attacking and robbing others after school and during the evening in several parts of South Trafford.

The latest attack by these teenagers was a personal robbery on a bus in Altrincham on January 9th, police are saying all the incidents are linked and that they have 13 names,

Police are telling the public to be patient as you will understand and appreciate that getting to the bottom of it will take some time to sort out, once done action will be carried out for all involved whether that be criminal prosecution, restorative justice, anti social behaviour orders.

Chief Inspector Fahar Zaman, from GMP’s Trafford borough, said: “We completely understand parents’ concerns and want to assure everyone we are doing everything we can to address the current issues with anti-social behaviour involving a specific group of teenagers.

“An investigation is ongoing and we are working with partners and victims to identify all those involved.

“Whilst enquiries continue we will be patrolling the area where the group are known to congregate as well as providing a physical police presence near schools during home time.

“Officers will be meeting with partners next week to discuss the appropriate action that should be taken once those responsible have been identified.

“If anybody has any concerns about anti-social behaviour, or knows who these particular individuals are, then please contact Trafford South Neighbourhood Policing Team by calling 0161 856 7530.


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