Planners for Heath Farm Lane are in talks with Trafford and TFGM about new road infrastructure for Partington

Heath Farm Lane will look a lot different soon as Linden and Laurus homes are to build a gigantic housing development, if passed by Trafford planning, which we expect will be held in April this year.

Concerns raised by residents were taken seriously by planners at the consultation and such feedback will help reach a solution to some key problems that sadly HIMOR could not properly sort out.

One of the biggest concerns even at the HIMOR Future Carrington consultation is road infrastructure, Manchester Road and surrounding roads will grind to a halt, planners of the new development are in touch and talking with Trafford Highways and TFGM (Transport For Greater Manchester) for a solution to not only road infrastructure but for additional public transport, the full details of what has been decided will be heard at the second and final consultation,

Other concerns by residents and many online was shops and healthcare provision, since Partington has little of both, it would be right for people raise valid concerns about if the current provision would be able to cope,  it seems though people will have to struggle as both Linden Homes and Laurus Homes has no plans to develop any new facilities in Partington.

Lets look at the logic here, as of now what has Partington got in the way of shops?

  • Tesco (small)
  • Heron (big enough to cope)
  • Bargain Booze
  • Wood Lane (1)
  • Oak Road (1)
  • Petrol station (1)

The take aways will thrive, with an estimated 2000 more people from the Linden and Laurus homes development, they will all do very well indeed.

The doctors in Partington from what we can gather is struggling to cope with the amount of people it sees day in day out, and with some staff going part-time, things are just about ticking along,

We are assured that cycling infrastructure will be part of the plans, this is a big positive for us and I know will benefit just about everyone who will use the new route, it will join up to existing routes, which would make things better for people wanting to travel by bike to both Altrincham and Sale, this will ease fears about the Sinderland Lane route which is very popular with cyclists.

Air pollution and noise pollution was also a concern, this we have been assured will be checked and re checked, although they have a big job on there hands with industry all around them and of course a big increase in cars and other vehicles in the area.


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