Residents in Partington slam the housing association for leaving them with dodgy and smelly drainage issues

Residents on a close in Partington have slammed the local housing group for leaving them for over five years with a drainage issue that would make anyone sick!

A resident from Elm Close in Partington told us that he and all the others have had on going issues for years and have had enough, he told me that all the close is affected, and described how many times the system has backed up into his bungalow, he tells us the problem is because of a tree in the middle of the close, with the roots fracturing and then blocking the pipes underneath the ground, he did not want to have a go at the housing but did not understand why they could not fix this drainage issue.

Others on the close have also complained, and are sick of the housing association only ever coming out and patching things up, on the last occasion just before Christmas the drains started causing issues again, disabled people were finding it very difficult to flush the chain!

The smells as you can imagine would knock anyone for six, this is a complete disgrace from this housing group (Your Housing Group) that many people do not like very much, we did a recent survey and the response was 70% negative 30% had no issues with them.

Contractors have seemingly had enough also, on the last visit, its claimed the worker said to a resident “He was sick of he housing since they know about the issues here”

We are fully aware of management issues at the Partington office and some members of staff, excuses which others have had. do not wash with us, using distraction to get themselves off the hook, or having staff go to another patch does not help it whatsoever, and the fact that they are leaving vulnerable people or families in a bad way is another reason why Partington and Sale residents need to complain, see their MP or councillors, and of course to us and other media.

People having problems with this housing group must not fear them, they cannot and will not take away your fundamental right to complain, but it is also your effort to get something sorted and not brushed under the carpet which is what they hope for! that will be what gets the change and we promise to be with you all the way.

We are awaiting a reply from the housing group in response and hopefully a fix on the issues at Elm Close.


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