Trafford Labour candidate for the Brooklands ward has now been chosen

Trafford Labour have chosen Steven Longden as their candidate in this years local elections in May.

It was widely believed Serena Carr was to stand again after a better than expected result last time around.

Brooklands ward has never been on Labour’s map, and looking at it wider, it seems only the Tories gave the ward any attention, however most people are fed up with them now, and the ward is in dire need of change.

Last year Walton Park in the was the centre of attention, and rightly so since it is a much-loved and well used park, and to see people from local football teams mowing the grass on the football pitch with the wrong equipment was a disgrace, and rightly One Trafford got slated for it, we have to praise the staff though for the effort so that the kids could play on the pitch, bins full of dog poop for days, who the hell is in charge of them toilets? are the bowlers in charge of that hut or is it for the general public since it has seen a huge refurbishment? crime was also an issue.

He will probably know about the pollution issues facing many people along the Washway Road corridor, this should be one of the top priorities for Steven’s campaign, their will be many other things that people in the ward will want Steven if he wins to fix.

Brooklands has not seen a Tory hold a surgery in the past decade, this should be one of his promises to have more contact with people as the Tories are only ever seen when an election takes place, we have had minimal contact with one Tory councillor, we would also like to see some transparency on what these councillors do, not just in the Brooklands ward but in all wards, this would end any suggestions that they sit on the job waiting for a resident to email them, and only do what their leader and Trafford Council asks them to do, whilst tweeting that they are in the Bahamas or on a world tour on a luxury liner having a great time, whilst back home people are struggling like hell just to put a bit of tea on the table, of course some councillors do work hard and deserve a good holiday and worthy of the pay they get.

Steven said on his Twitter feed shortly after being selected “Proud to be selected to represent @Trafford_Labour in Brooklands for 2018 local elections, huge thanks to the members who voted for me and those who inspired me to stand”

We wish Steve well and will cover his journey from candidate to hopefully becoming a councillor.



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  1. Is it true that the Conservative Councillors of Brooklands Ward haven’t held a surgery for the past decade, as which councillor has given you minimal contact??


    • Hi James, If they have it must have been a secret between themselves, residents in Brooklands much like the residents in Bucklow are under represented and it is time this was changed and that was what the article was all about.


      • It seems you are right about the Councillors not holding surgeries for the past decade as I just checked. That’s pretty appalling. Though have you tried to contact them at all?


      • To my knowledge they have done nothing much in Brooklands, its like they have been getting paid a great wage for doing nothing, I have contacted two of the councillors, it seems to get there attention you need to email them several times or they will forget, it is indeed a dreadful situation.


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