Experience the great sport of rowing at Trafford Rowing Club in Sale


Trafford Rowing Club who are based at Walton Park Sports Centre in Sale are looking for people of all ages to join the club, that has been rowing on the Bridgewater Canal since 1957.

The club has a good reputation in the borough, with a strong number of members of all ages and experience enjoying the sport they love, whilst having a great time.

Safety is taken seriously at the club, nothing is left to chance and everyone even the most experienced go through safety procedures before going out in the boats.

You will mix right in as the people you meet will help you feel welcome from the start, it is indeed a very friendly club with a competitive edge! these guys are serious about rowing! whilst enjoying training, when rowing in events the winning mentality is their for all to see.

The next event will be on February 24th and is called ‘The Head’ it is a gigantic rowing event that goes for a few miles from Sale all the way past Broadheath, and many teams, attend the event from all over the country,  more information in the info graphic below:

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 23.13.41

Rowing is also a great way to keep fit, it’s a great sport and you will be welcome to attend training no matter what your experience.

When you first join up you will need to go through what the club called a ‘RowStart’ which is just an introduction to rowing which comes with a one-off charge for 6 weeks, once completed you go up a level, for those 18 and over click this LINK 

For club safety click Here and Welfare information can be found Here

Trafford RC is affiliated to the sport’s national governing body British Rowing.

To contact the rowing club please click this Link


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