Dodgy railings installed on a walkway in Partington could have caused a bad accident

A walkway that is very popular mostly with mums and dads taking and bringing back their kids from school had some very dodgy railings installed yesterday.


When we got to the walk which can be accessed via Warburton Lane by the side of the car wash, several of these metal railings were installed, and badly installed, the holes were not deep enough.

An hour had elapsed and we went back down the path to find three of the railingshad been knocked down, the fencing towards Chapel Lane were still standing.

It is not known if the fencing was done by the Parish Council or Trafford, either way the job was done badly, and could have caused an accident, one of them fences falling on a child is unthinkable, this was foolish and dangerous and we have contacted the Parish Council and Trafford for a response.

The Parish Council in Partington have now responded and they had nothing to do with the installation of these fairly heavy railings, One Trafford have yet to respond, we will keep you updated.

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