One Trafford two day remedial work on Sinderland Lane only one pothole fixed!

Sinderland Lane that goes from Broadheath towards Partington has more potholes down it than any other lane or road, and many of these potholes are so deep that even a bus got trapped in one!

We have been reporting issues since August, telling One Trafford of what is going to happen, all have been ignored, and now they are paying the price, as we see hole after hole opening up, some so deep it looks more like a bomb had landed on it.

One Trafford decided to do something after months of reports, two days of remedial work I was told in an email had been carried out, brilliant! or so it was thought, having inspected both ways yesterday I can confirm only one pothole was fixed that we could see, two days it took them to fix one scary looking pothole.

We ask cyclists to be very careful down there now, do not cycle if you can when it is dark, or if you do use your front light on full beam, or use car lights to help you, runners also need to be wary.

It’s accurate to say the £2m found for our roads in Trafford will not be enough and our roads will get worse and even more dangerous for all that use them.

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