Sight loss charity Henshaws finds a new home in Sale

Sight loss charity Henshaws has found a new home for its Trafford-based services for blind and visually impaired people at Trafford Carers Centre.

From January 2018, many of Henshaws services that were based at Atherton House on Talbot Road, are now being held at Trafford Carers Centre in Sale.

This includes the charity’s weekly exercise classes, counselling, Henshaws ‘Living with Sight Loss’ course, technology sharing group ‘Tech Talk’, and its coffee and social groups. Some of the groups have moved to other local centres, such as the weekly Braille Group at Stretford Library, and the free digital training and assessments are now at both Henshaws’ new office at Lancastrian House or at Manchester Central Library.

Henshaws has been supporting blind and visually impaired people for 180 years, since it was first founded by a legacy from Oldham resident Thomas Henshaw.

Henshaws now supports over seven thousand people across Greater Manchester.

Over the past two years, Henshaws has opened several hubs across Greater Manchester including Bolton, Oldham and Wigan, so that visually impaired people can access services and groups closer to their home. Trafford Carers Centre is easily accessible by bus or tram, with the Sale tram station just 0.3 miles away.

Henshaws Director of Community Services, Robert Cooper said: “Over the last two years we have been moving our services out into the local community. I am proud to say we are now supporting more people than ever before, and we have transformed our presence in the community; from one central resource centre, to several community hubs across Greater Manchester.

“This has allowed more and more power to reach our services, and since we started delivering in the community two years ago, we have supported over 1300 new people.”

Henshaws’ wide range of free groups and courses are available for anyone with sight loss, at any age. For more information on the groups, get in touch with Henshaws’ Trafford Enablement Officer Chris Garry at chris.garry@henshaws.org.uk or you can ring this number 0300 222 5555.


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