TV Licence will cost you £3.50 a year more from April

The dreaded TV Licence will cost you £3.50 more on April 1st this year, the first rise since 2010.

TV Licence costs £147.00 currently and in April it will then be £150.50 for a colour TV.

Anyone who buys a licence now will pay the current rate of £147 not the £150.50 saving the £3.50 extra.

Lots of people get concerned about the licence and fines, here we look at your rights and what to do if a TV Licence man or woman comes to your door.

It is correct that every house or business in the UK that has a TV needs to have a licence, however, only for watching live BBC Broadcasts and watching the iPlayer.

If you do not watch live BBC shows, or sports events and you do not watch the iPlayer you have nothing to worry about, the problem is between you and them, is proving it! it is a grey area, since no technology exists to prove what you are watching.

A TV Licence man or woman is work for a 3rd party firm called Capita who make a huge fortune from the BBC, they have no power whatsoever, and you are within your rights to remove them from your property in a legal way.

It is unlikely they will come back with a warrant, police are too stretched to bother and anyway they are only there for breach of the peace, although some YouTube videos suggest they are siding with Capita workers.

In all circumstances remember to video record everything, it really does protect you, and you are fully within your rights to record even on the road as it is a public space.

TV Licence people bring all this on themselves, it is beyond us how the hell they can charge people who have to use a foofbank to survive! checking the details even the most vulnerable and that includes those that are working, the payment plans are completely out of touch, most people who are on benefits get paid fortnightly, however payment plans are weekly! or monthly.

Remember though these people should be treated like anyone else with respect, I have heard so much abuse online, of course in one incident seen a Capita worker hit someone, then you are within your rights to defend yourself, if you are clever you will have got this on film, and take it legal, many people do not though and this is why some get away with it, always video them! it is your right to do so.

Videos seen are truly dreadful, all giving needless abuse to them, at the end of the day they are just doing a job.

I cannot see anyone struggling being able to pay around £25/30 a month, on top of everything else, it is just greed at the highest level and political people could have stopped this rip off many moons ago, or telling the BBC to go subscription only for the live streams.

Lastly it is though up to the individual what he or she does, it is about you also researching this, and making your own mind up what to do, in no way are we suggesting not to pay the licence, what is being said are the facts about not only the licence but also your rights on your property which are correct.

If you have any doubts about the licence, check the T&C on there own website which you can do HERE

As it stands it is seen as a criminal offence not to have a licence, and you could be the unlucky one who gets that fine in the end, if you do not pay for it, for the many though and this article its about fairness and understanding and the BBC do not give any, they would rather you sit eating your finger nails or have your children starve to death! this is the way it is run, and it needs to change, to help people who are struggling, this is the main message in this article.


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