Your Housing Group admit some teething problems with Fix360

Your Housing Group in Partington have admitted that their has been some teething problems with its maintenance company Fix360 who took over from Cruden.

We have spoken to many residents, and even did our own investigations proving there is a problem, more to do with communications.

The source of the issues seems to be the call centre where a tenant would ring through a special number, it is known as ‘response’ communications from the call centre which is based in Warrington are faulty to say the least, we have heard some workers turning up to a job they was not supposed to do!

We heard of one tenant asking for his shower pull cord fixed, he told us that on the first go someone from the call centre told him that they had no duty to fix this and it would have to be fixed from his own pocket” he said that he tried a second time and a he got a text out of the blue saying someone was coming out.

When he did come out, he only came to fix a light which the tenant did not ask for, gladly he was also able to fix his shower pull cord that stopped working, another tenant a woman had serious damp issues in her property, she tells us about her fight to get this resolved, with mold and electrics blowing all the time, a fix360 guy came out and had to return to base, the worker had come to plaster her walls not fix the leak.

It seems Fix360 is an in-house maintenance and repair team and is fairly new, so from time to time we expect problems, the housing group takes feedback seriously and where problems exist they will try to get right, one of them without question is communications.

The housing group could also make it easier for its customers to contact them by having the phone number on the front page or at least on the contact us page where at present it is nowhere to be seen.



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