255 bus service changes and other changes come into force next month

Stagecoach have revealed their new timetable for the 255 service to and from Partington which comes into effect from April 8th.

You can view the revised timetable HERE

Looking at the new timetable we see some alterations that you need to be aware about, some other changes are coming for Partington residents.

We are hearing that Local Link is going from three buses to two from April 8th, if true it will have a big impact on people who rely on this much-needed and valued service.

News4Trafford have asked TFGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) who own the service for more information and currently awaiting a response.

As we have said in a previous article the abandoned rail line that goes through Partington will be used again, likely sometime next year, many of you have contacted us and all want it to be a rail line again.

Let us be clear, the rail line if used for steam trains will be then privately owned, for it to be of any use to anyone, it needs to have the trams going down it, and although some suggestion that Metrolink could go down it, nothing is assured just yet.

It is likely in our opinion only from what we have seen, that this rail line will become a cycle path, which would benefit thousands of people and would I am sure you will agree be better for the environment.

Transport links from Partington are a disgrace, and the political people who are supposed to represent you need to get something done about this, as ultimately it is them that can get the real changes that benefit the village.

As these gigantic new housing developments are built, transport and indeed new roads for them to travel on are going to be needed, at this time Partington has none and that needs to change.

We can assure all of you concerned about transport and other things concerning Partington that we will try our hardest to make sure these political councillors get of their backsides and represent you!

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  1. From what I can see, that’s much better for shift worker’s. … Provided the don’t work weekends. Unfortunately some eg. Nurses don’t have the luxury of being able to just work Monday to Friday


  2. This is bad for the area tfgm are putting big double decker buses on early in the morning, which are replacing small minibuses (local link) who go door to door. Their are many people who rely on local link which gets them directly to their work place on time and have built up a very good relationship with regular friendly drivers, because of the cuts local link have lost over 40% of their service which has cost 3 out of the 9 regular drivers who all live in partington to lose their jobs. Definitely not good for the small local community.


    • Hi Stephen, Local Link will have two buses running, one is getting the chop, the service will get congested and drivers will find it hard to cope so some people will not get the service they used to get, we are hopeful our attention will help change minds, as for the 255 its just a small time table change, makes little difference, thanks for contacting us.


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