Changeable weather hits Trafford this weekend with weather warnings in force

As a weather warning was issued a couple of days ago for a cold snap that will last until the early hours of Monday morning, Trafford saw some weird weather on Saturday, from long spells of warm sunshine and then back to snow showers.

We got some great footage for you, using a special video that captured the snow falling at 120fps (frames per second)

Today which is Sunday 18 March the wind will be the biggest issue for a while with gusts getting up to around 30mph in parts, there is also a warning for ice on untreated roads and pavements as the mercury struggles to get past 0c.

All change from tomorrow, and all week as the temperature will be around 6c to 9c something similar to what we had at the beginning of this week.

Will we get any more snow? there is always a chance, although checking a longer range forecast no snow is mentioned.

For those that hate the snow it will come as some relief to see the back of it, for those that like it, enjoy the footage as it might be the last you see it for sometime as we approach British Summer Time.


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