Police confirm a man was pushed into the Bridgewater Canal in Stretford


As an update to a previous story about a man who had been pushed into the Bridgewater Canal at Stretford, we now have a statement by Greater Manchester Police which is below, before reading we want to make it very clear that this seems to be an isolated incident we suggest to keep switched on though all the same and not to be going down any part of the canal tow path in the dark for your own safety.

Statement from Chief Inspector Andy Sutcliffe about an assault near to Stretford Marina. 

Chief Inspector Andy Sutcliffe of GMP’s Trafford Borough said: “On the evening of Tuesday 10 April 2018, we received a report that a man had been assaulted as he cycled along the Bridgewater Canal towpath near to Stretford Marina. 

“He subsequently fell into the water and has told officers that when he tried to get out of the water, he was further assaulted and forced back into the canal. 

“The attacker, who we are working to trace, then ran away from the scene and the man was fortunately able to get out of the water and raise the alarm. 

“I understand, given the circumstances of this report, people will be alarmed but I need to stress there is no evidence to suggest that this is linked to any other incidents and we’ve had no further reports.

“While we are carrying out our enquiries and finding out exactly how and why this happened, our main priority is the wellbeing of the victim and we need to make sure that his best interests are at the forefront of our investigation and make sure that we only focus on the facts and evidence available; any speculation or information based on opinion could prove unhelpful to the investigation.” 

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