Buying a taser and other banned weapons is as easy as buying chips

Tasers and other banned weapons are lethal in the wrong hands, and are often used on the streets of the UK.


We wanted to know how these people are able to get hold of a taser and other weapons, and how much they cost, surely these things must be fairly expensive and you will be surprised how easy it is and how cheap these weapons are.

‘Wish’ is a Chinese version of Amazon well on a much smaller scale, it sells almost everything you can think off, much of what they sell looks fake and takes a long time to arrive, they are a legit business though and all your details with them are safe and you can shop in confidence.

Selling weapons though is way below the belt, you can find any taser on this app, even banned weapons like knuckle dusters and shuriken the Ninja throwing star blades that would cause serious damage to anything it hits!

It is so easy to buy a taser, to buy a weapon, no questions asked, poor information about the products bought, no age limitations, and you can even bypass the credit card route and use PayPal.

We checked to see what is legal and what is not, government guidelines give a big list of banned weapons mostly knifes, and will all be seized by border force, many of the weapons listed are getting through including tasers.

You can see the list HERE this list also includes firearms

If you are caught using a taser or any weapon you will be in serious trouble of course, even if you have one at home and have never used it, so be wary of this before buying anything.

Times are getting dangerous out there, with the government’s wishes to turn the UK into a smaller version of the US, and with the police that they have almost killed off unable to properly protect us, some of us may feel the need for such weapons to protect us and those we love, understandable, however until they change the laws where we have the right to protect ourselves you need another approach and we will always suggest getting yourself down to a martial arts class which in itself is more than enough to help you and yours in some situations.



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