Full Metal Jacket drill instructor R Lee Ermey has died aged 74

Full metal jacket drill instructor R Lee Ermey has passed away aged 74 from complications of pneumonia.

Ronald Lee Ermey was born in Kansas on March 24th 1944 and grew up with 5 brothers the family moved to Washington when he was 14, it seems Ronald was always getting himself caught up on the wrong side of the law, having no options either go to jail or join the military, he joined the US Marines, he spent several years in the core, he also went to Vietnam for over a year in 1958.

He was awarded ribbons and medals for his service to the US Marines.

Ermey starred as drill instructor Hartman in the film Full Metal Jacket which earned him a golden globe nominee and best supporting actor, after the success he went on to appear in over 60 films, he also appeared on the small screen several times, and even appeared in games and commercials.

He married his wife Nila in 1975 and had 4 children, he died in Santa Monica on April 15.



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