Who will win the keys to the council in May? and our predictions

Here we have a prediction of how we think it will go ward by ward, and who will have the keys on May 4th.

Before getting to the predictive parts of this article we wish all candidates all the best in the upcoming local elections, you have worked hard and those that do not win but can say hand on heart they gave it everything are still winners!

Altrincham: with the hard work the Green Party has put in over the last year knocking on doors, going that extra mile will see them cross the line first, no other party has given so much time and all their resources to one area and they will do a great job for Altrincham residents and worthy of that space at the Trafford Council chambers.

Brooklands: This ward has been controlled by the Tories for way to long, change is badly needed, new ideas, a different approach and residents here deserve this, Labour will win in this ward.

Timperley: one of the hottest contests, the Tories vs the Lib Dems and from our research WIlliam Jones will win by a country mile, and we can see why this is, this man is as genuine as anyone we have met, we have got to know him over the years and he just wants the best for the residents of Timperley on issues that matter to them, people have become sick and tired of the Tories in this ward and like Brooklands a fresher change is needed, new ideas that matter to people.

Partington (Bucklow st Martins) complete disgrace in this ward, Trafford Labour have already won this ward since all the others are fielding paper candidates, democracy has failed in this ward, who do residents vote for? it seems no one wants to work with Partington residents, so what they will have is two blokes doing nothing and a woman with a kind mask on trying to find her feet in what is a huge ocean she is stepping into, will she get swallowed up? probably, she will need to get that mask she is wearing and  throw it away and to show her ugly side of her personality  that we have seen, it may actually help her! more follows on Bucklow in the coming weeks and months.

Labour will win in Flixton and Davyhulme although it will be very close in both west and east wards, Sale Moor easy win for Labour and a good choice in candidate.

The Tories will hold on to some wards Bowdon, Hale, Hale Barns as expected, they will come close in Broadheath although Amy Whyte is expected to win although her campaign seems a little muted something some residents we have spoken to in the past complaining of how silent she has been.

We would like to see some of the other smaller party’s and independents do well in this years local elections, they work very hard, maybe harder since they do not have the finance and backing as the bigger guys have, as what we have said if they hand on heart have done their best and worked their socks off they are still winners, and can be proud of what they have achieved, even in defeat, these people can use the momentum and continue talking to residents and getting a bigger foot in the door, as the saying goes ‘Rome was not built-in a day’

We predict Trafford Labour will get the keys on May 4th, do not expect any changes anytime soon though, the destructive nature of the Tories will take a long time to fix, will Trafford Labour be able to do this? well some things yes with others due to funding issues from central government it will be hard work, one thing is for sure our green belt land will be protected and likely we will bring back our front line services in-house dumping the One Trafford Partnership where it belongs.

It is down to the voter, and the above is simply a prediction, we wish all the other candidates well in wards we have not mentioned in this article.



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