Trafford Council’s next meeting sure will be an interesting one

The next council meeting will be held on May 23 and it sure will be an interesting one with Labour taking control of the council.

We are aware that the Trafford Tories will not go into coalition with any other party and has decided to the  opposition.

It is also believed that Trafford Labour will also go it alone.

It will be a strange experience for Andrew Western who now has even more responsibility on his shoulders, we would suggest he makes sure all his councillors are working properly and not just doing what is asked, some are hiding without question and in the wards like Bucklow this is not helpful.

We have an email from a Trafford Tory who tells us it is true that in some wards like Bucklow the councillors earn a good wage whilst doing very little, interestingly he also went on to say some other wards in the borough also suffers like this.

What will happen to Turn Moss now? well we have it that the plans are on ice to redevelop this vital bit of green space that we need to keep, we agree with Labour’s plans to refurbish the place and make it look better so more people can use and enjoy the green space.

We shall have to wait and see what happens over the coming months, we will not see much change on other issues, you have to remember that the Tories are still in government and it is them that funds the councils, and now Trafford is a Labour run council will they turn off the tiny drop of cash that the council was getting?

Either way Mr Western must now man up and show to the people of Trafford that his plans are better than that of the destructive Tory party, and get them plans underway as soon as possible for the benefit of the residents of this borough.

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