Rolling Stones gig at Old Trafford tonight is sold out

The Rolling Stones gig at Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium is a complete sell out, the concert kicks off tonight and is supported by Richard Ashcroft formerly from the band ‘The Verve’.

Tickets for the gig were very expensive ranging from £145 to as much as £450.

The concert though although not our cup of tea will be amazing, of course being at an iconic stadium like United’s is a big draw for some people.

Mick Jagger and his crew will be coming from the West Stand tunnel and on to the stage looking towards the old scoreboard end.

As it is a big concert Trafford Council will no doubt be monitoring the sound levels, since many residents live close to the stadium and some may not have any sound insulation.

Just down the road at the Emirates a while back Rihanna played a gig and was so loud that people in the north of Manchester could hear it, Beyonce also was very loud although we are told kept within the limits.

The weather tonight if you are going to the concert is set to be a dry one and will be warm at 17c.

Security will be higher than normal, you may see armed police and everyone is expected to be scanned, this may hold up the queues however safety is of paramount importance.



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