Work begins on the Heath Farm Lane housing development in Partington soon

After two consultations in Partington the Linden/Laurus housing development on Heath Farm Lane work is just about to go to planning, if approved which is likely the developers will then look at the contamination issues on the site before building gets underway in early 2019.

It will be after it is built the real issues will begin, all these new people, all the cars and vans, all well before any new roads will be built!

It is expected Partington will see an additional 2000/3000 more people in the area, no new doctors! no new shopping facilities! no new roads! one post office fit for about 10 people.

With the Future Carrington development also due to start soon, the time is now right for them Trafford Labour Councillors to hold some kind of forum in which residents can have their say on what is going on, and be able to ask questions as to how all this work will be affecting them.




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