Very high pollen counts and high pollution causing misery for hayfever sufferers

We all are enjoying this fine weather, many take to parks and have picnics, or to play sports, it is the time of year to get out and about if you are able to.

Sadly for all those who suffer from hayfever, this time of year can be somewhat different, for these people it can be a nightmare.

Today’s pollen count as it was yesterday here in Trafford is VH or Very High, so it is vital you take your medication, you will be best to stay away from parks at this time and wear wrap around sunglasses to keep the pollen away from your eyes.

When you go back inside, remember pollen can be trapped in your hair so get a shower, or just put your head under the shower for a few minutes, this will also cool you down.

If you do not take your medication, lots of nasty things will happen, firstly and obviously your nose will be a little bit messy, sneezing fits, you can also suffer with feeling dizzy and in some cases all you will want to do is sleep.

Their is no known cure for this horrible condition, however medication does fight it and often wins the day, and their are many medications out there for you to try, we cannot say which is the best one as some drugs work and some do not, it is simply trial and error.




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