Advocacy Focus helping vulnerable people in Trafford

Back in the day Trafford had a wonderful advocacy service run from Park House in Sale it helped many vulnerable people in many ways.

Due to the current government’s needless austerity plans the service struggled and became an inpatient service only, leaving many people out of hospital to fight it out for themselves.

It is then with delight we introduce a new advocacy service for Trafford residents, calling itself ‘Advocacy Focus’ and has advocacy hubs in other areas of Lancashire.

An advocate will speak on behalf of you, and help you understand your rights better, if you are interested in talking with someone you can contact Advocacy Focus on 0300 323 0965 or email admin@advocacyfocus.org.uk and someone will be in touch.

You can also refer yourself or have someone do this for you, maybe a social worker or CPN by clicking HERE

Watch the video below for more on what Advocacy Focus is all about:

You can also look at the website https://www.advocacyfocus.org.uk/Default.aspx where you can find more information including tool kits for professionals.


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