London’s air is set to be cleanest in the UK but what about Manchester?

The london mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that the Ultra Low Emission Zone will expand out further towards the North and South circular roads from late October 2021.

The new zone will cover an area 18 times larger than the current Central London Ultra Low Emission Zone which will be introduced early next year.

More cars, vans, lorries, buses and taxes including motorbikes will be affected and charged if their vehicles do not meet EU emissions limits, which will be £12.50 for lighter vehicles and up to £100 for HGV’s.

SO what about Manchester? more so here in Trafford where our air is often toxic, our mayor Andy Burnham is trying to sort our air out, will he have enough time to get all this sorted out is debatable, what is needed is firm action by the council, they could do more!

Trafford has some of the highest pollution in Manchester, with PM2.5 and PM 10 (Particulates) on most days going off the scale and with the council and all the councillors doing next to nothing to help combat the issue, which ultimately will affect them and their family and friends it is just complete lunacy to ignore that we have a serious problem and many people will die prematurely as a result.

You can view what action Manchester is taking in the coming years here >> GM_Air_Quality_Action_Plan_2016_21



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