Chippy in Partington has been given a shocking food hygiene rating

The Green Chippy on Hall Lane in Partington had a low hygiene rating for a few years it seemed they was stuck on number 2 which is a below standard score, then the news they had recently secured a 4 rating was something the owner could celebrate.

It was safer than ever to eat at this take away and more people came to sample the wonderful food they used to make.

Sadly this chippy now only has a 1 rating which is not great, however you can still enjoy eating from the take away, it offers many tasty meals and reasonable prices.

Food Hygiene ratings are very important to everyone that wants to eat from a chippy or any take-away establishment, so if you go to somewhere with a 0 or 1 rating this tells us that although you are perfectly fine to eat from the take-away it might come with a trip to the doctors the next day!

The hygiene ratings are scored from 0 to 5, so a 0 would mean big problems and a 1 is severe but not as bad as a 0, so the higher the score the better it is all the way to a 5 which is the best score and one an establishment can be proud to brag about.

At this time we have asked Trafford Council for a detailed report on why this chippy got such a low score under FOI and will update the article once we have the information to hand.



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