A new path in Broadheath may cause problems down the line

What a nice surprise for all cyclists and pedestrians who have for years been having to put up with having to go over an abandoned rail line at the back of the new Broadheath Community Centre to cut through either from Sinderland Road or in the opposite direction will now have a good quality path to use.

Developers of the community centre have now cut up the train line and surrounding rail infrastructure and made way for what will be a new path.

The line though is still classed as live by owners Network Rail and the debate about permission rumbles on.

Next year sometime it is believed that a steam train will be using this line, although we have also heard that it could be used as a cycle route something we and many other people would prefer.

The community centre in Broadheath is looking great, and will be well used and loved by residents from all over Trafford.


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  1. Of the options available only a cycle path in the time scale suggested is viable. The metro would take a minimum of 3 years to lay while a steam option would appear to be a heritage line and therefore run by volunteers and funded by donations so 10 years is more likely. As such it doesn’t seem viable let alone all the associated infrastructure required to run a heritage line with steam trains. All the options are attractive and have positive outcomes for Partington but the rail options run into millions and would be measured in years on a delivery timescale while a cycle path could be completed within 12 months with a link to navigation road or timperley metrolink stations. If Navigation road were chosen it could be a link to the wider rail network.


    • Hi Andrew, We can say 100% Metrolink are not interested, heritage railways are in the legal process of getting the line working again, it might be that they will only go so far and not use the entire line to Broasheath, and some suggestions that it could even be made into a road, either way a cycle path would be much better and as you said with the timescale makes more sense, it will though take lots of money just to remove the trees and shrubs, work will also be needed to make sure wildlife is not disturbed, we will keep people in the loop about what happens and thanks for contacting us.


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