Lets get Crowdfunding for a defibrillator in Woodheys Park


When a local resident in Sale decided to go on a first aid course, she had a great idea to raise money for a AED or Automated External defibrillator for her local park.

Woodheys Park in Sale is a lovely park and well-kept, it is a little treasure for all the community and having a AED would be most welcome.

Stacy Plews from Sale has started a crowdfunding appeal to raise money for a life saving defibrillator, and also will be having some events through the summer to raise the £3000 needed.

When someone has heart attack it is vital an AED is available it is truly a life saver for the entire community.

You can see what other events are to take place over the coming months by  going to the Friends of Woodheys Park Group Facebook page.

Big donations have already started to come in with Naseema giving £100, please share with everyone for what is a very special and life saving project.

Please donate using this secure link >>> https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/aedforwoodheyspark


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