Power restored to over a hundred homes in Sale

Power has now been restored to many homes around the Eastway area of Sale after engineers from Electricity North West came out to deal with the problem.

Electrics went of at just after 1pm and returned back to normal at around 11.30pm workers told us that it took all afternoon to locate where the fault was, and found a cable around 5 metres in length fully burnt out.

One worker told us that the cable had been their since the 70’s and has now been fully replaced with the latest cable which should last many years.

Residents around Granery Way were affected and Eastway, some were lucky as it depended on which cable you were connected to under the ground.

Residents came out to find out what was going on during the evening, and was told by engineers that full service will be restored by midnight.

Many who was affected by the black out caused by a very old cable thanked Electric North West for their patience and perseverance in first finding the fault and restoring power before midnight.


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