The possible cure that has blighted a Jewish Cemetery in Urmston for years

The Jewish cemetery in Urmston has once again been damaged by vandals, it is currently unknown who destroyed the many headstones and police are investigating.

As we got to the cemetery one thing was clear although the gate was passcode locked, it was simply much too easy to climb the walls.

Looking around the perimeter most of the southern facing walls were crumbling and at a height where anyone could climb it, on the east facing walls we could see some newer infrastructure was in place, however way to low.

It simply needs to be at the minimum around 7ft tall and built much stronger and maybe have some other deterrent at the top of the wall like barbed wire, all around the cemetery not just on one side.

This is the cure for the issues and no one will ever bother going anywhere near it and thus leaving alone a place of rest and for families to be able to come and visit their loved ones in peace.

It though does take money to build such things and as we know it is in short supply from the council, however a crowdfunding appeal could be made or some other way of getting the money can be found.

Of course it should not have to come to this, in the real world though some people have either nothing better to do, or more sinister motives more so around religious groups where the majority do not agree.


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