BBC VR app goes down well with England fans

England’s late win against Tunisa last night was not only a success on the pitch but off it, as technology gave fans watching at home more than just your standard HD TV.

Of course 4K is something many people are now able to afford as the cost of televisions are coming down, it was though the VR app that people were talking about.

We downloaded the app to our iPhone and found the coverage very good, you get presented with a few on screen options, at first you will see a side on view with two screens at either side, you can switch to behind either goal if you wanted.

The behind the goal coverage with the normal commentary was brilliant, you get a different view on the game, as if you was their controlling the camera.

You do have the option to wear your VR specs or just use your phone or tablet to move around that part of the stadium.

Although we found it a great app, it would have been even better had it been 360 degrees, so we could pan around and seen all the fans.

What did you think? let is know by using the contact us link or share your views on our social media channels.

England won the game 2-1 although won, they must perform a little bit better as the rounds continue.


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