Workmen cutting down the vegetation on Bridgewater Canal in Stretford left it in a shocking state

The Bridgewater Canal tow path is much used by all walks of life and takes you away from the disgusting fumes of the A56, in recent times the vegetation has got out of control and the owners of the canal needed to deal with it.

So they have, sadly as the picture shows it is now in a right state, cyclists and walkers alike were complaining about how bad workmen have left the path which runs from Just past the M60 all the way under the A56 at Stretford.

Even the exit point to the A56 Chester Road was a mess, some weeds were not properly cut back along the canal bank, it was simply a dreadful job.

It is hoped workmen will return to work a little bit more and tidy up where they have left a mess, a well known saying has not been applied in this case and that is “if you do a job make sure you do it properly or not at all” some are saying they shouldn’t have bothered.

We have contacted The Brifdgewater Canal Company who looks after the canal and the tow path for comment.


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