Government must act on dodgy housing associations who are often breaking the tenancy agreement

Up and down the land we have seen complaints about housing associations failing the very people who feed it (pay them money)

Pictures and video of the most disgusting things people are having to put up with have been released, one picture just seen shows a house with fungus everywhere, and one so bad it looked very much like a wild mushroom growing from the wall.

Not all housing associations are bad though, however it is becoming a real problem, tenants from Your Housing Group in Partington and Sale gave the group the thumbs down, many wanting to get rid of them once and for all.

With only a call centre to rely on and is stretched to the limits, no one to see and neglect of many parts of Partington and a close in Sale you can see why people want them out, as for other housing associations they are also just as bad and without question breaking their own terms and conditions of contract (The Tenancy Agreement)

This is a crucial document, and it is vital people read it, looking for what the housing group is supposed to be providing you, in the ‘Your Housing Group” tenancy agreement many breaches of contract are happening, mostly around anti social behaviour issues, they are simply not providing anything like what they are supposed to do.

It is now so common something really needs to be done about these housing groups and political councillors and MPs are the best route to get change, you are also free to complain, never think you will be evicted or have any issues with your home, it is your right to complain to the housing group if there is an issue with service.

Truly we are sickened by what has been shown to us, with what people are having to go through on a daily basis, and how many residents are having to put up with so much anti social behaviour by dreadful neighbours we have named it ‘Urban Terrorism’

Police are so stretched that they are breaking point, it is often housing ask people to report anything to police, and all to often ‘if they respond’ go around to the house causing issues and warn them, this will not work on manipulative individuals, police only deal with physical stuff and maybe some body language which often they get completely wrong.

Residents have had enough, it is up to them now to act, to get together and get rid of housing groups like the one in Partington once and for all, and bring in a more professional provider that not only cares about its profits and shareholders but one that also cares about the very people who feed it.

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