Hosepipe ban on the way as demand for water goes through the roof

With the long spell of great weather we have had comes with it a higher demand for water, the longer this hot weather continues the more the water levels will fall and it is then time for United Utilities to take some action to preserve what is left.

Many people though are questioning why there is a shortage of water since we had a winter and spring with plenty of rain falling from the sky, others are talking about all the leaks in the North West that the company take what seems a lifetime to fix.

Leaks are a big problem and one United Utilities needs to get a faster grip on, we reported a leak on Homelands Road, it took around 10 days before it was fixed, the leak went into a garden and it is believed they saw it on a daily basis and did nothing.

This is not the fault of United Utilities, more people need to report leaks where they see them, the fault then is with United Utilities for not acting quick enough.

As the hot weather continues we must do our bit to preserve what we have left, using sprinklers now is just complete madness, any waist in water is complete madness so let’s do our part to save water as much as we can.

Report any leaks you see as soon as you can, make a note of the date and time you reported it and keep checking to see how long it took the company to fix the leak, if it goes on for over a few days get back in touch with them.

You can report a leak by clicking this LINK 

Further advice on how to save water can be viewed HERE

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