Crime in Partington escalates as the hot weather continues

Over the past week Partington residents have had to put up with many incidents in the area as crime escalates.


On June 30 in the early hours police were out and about trying to catch a male on Derwent Close and managed to capture him in a garden.

As the day continued another incident happened in the village that police have so far been unable to tell us anything about, local people have been telling us they saw police still at the scene near St Mary’s Church at gone 10pm last night, it is believed a man had been shot on Manchester Road.

Two cars and a van was parked up, GMP Trafford North Facebook page offered residents nothing, only thanking a woman for her kindness, this lack of information gave rise to speculation which is very unhelpful when only a few days ago two guys holding guns on Cross Lane went missing and still no information on the male who managed to evade police with a gun on Oak Road.

Partington was very quiet today, we heard more police sirens at around 6.40pm although this time it sounded like they went through the village into Carrington.


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