Manchester Airport has a nasty surprise for air travellers next week

Manchester airport will make thousands of pounds for introducing a charge that will hit already struggling families.

The introduction from July 10th of a pick up and drop off charge has not gone down to well with many people, for an express drop off it will be £3 for 5 minutes, and £4 for 10 minutes, staying any longer than 10 minutes is not allowed.

You can though use the free shuttle bus to your terminal, buses are regular and operates 24/7.

The airport is set to make thousands of pounds a day from this charge, it already makes lots of money from the Aircraft Visitors Park with car park charges of £5 although fairly they have a 3 hour limit which is more than enough to enjoy a good day out watching the aircraft.

You can though get in for free at this time if you come by cycle or walk, it might be in the not so distant future cyclists will also be asked to cough up some money, maybe they will ask all to lock up the bikes in a secure part of the complex and charge a big fee for doing so or you won’t be allowed in!

As for the introduction of charges for pick up and drop off, the airport will make thousand of pounds extra, it is entitled to do so, after all it is a private business and can charge what it likes, ripping off the customer though may lead for some to complain and no one at the airport cares one bit.

You can view more on the charges HERE


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