Poor air quality in Partington advisory issued

We are advising anyone with a lung condition not to be going outdoors tonight in the Partington area due to extremely high levels of air pollution over the village.

The warning came after we checked air quality of the area and others in Trafford, red would mean it is not safe, and we had to make sure everyone knew what was going on around them.

People with no lung issues will also be affected, you may feel your breathing is a little bit heavier than normal more so when doing any activities.

We are now doing a front page Live! air quality report on a daily basis between 2 and 3 times a day from different areas in Trafford, Altrincham would cover Timperley and Broadheath, where as Flixton would cover Urmston area.

It is very useful to know what the air quality is more so if you are unwell, this does not mean you are in danger at all, no need to worry, we though advise to take precautions when the air quality is very poor as it has been in Partington since Monday!


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