A change in law on pet theft is on the cards as campaigners and owners get MP’s to debate the issue in Parliament

Pet theft laws are likely to change after campaigners and animal charities got political people from all parties to debate the issue in Parliament a couple of days ago.

Dog cruelty can get an offender a 5-year sentence however the theft of a pet means nothing in law, it is judged on the value of the animal, so for any proper sentence to be given the pet needs to be over £500, any pet under that value that is stolen means the criminal gets a slap on his or her hand.

Pet theft is on the rise some speculate that since the law got tough on the theft of metals criminals have now turned to pet theft with one MP claiming 2000 pets are stolen every year in the UK.

The theft of any dog, cat or whatever is deemed a pet is not only distressing for its owner but for the animal who will have no idea what is happening and often dies as a result of how the offender treats the animal.

Staffies which are due to be on the banned breed list soon, is the top of the list of dog thefts, they can be stolen at any time, cats are also being stolen at an alarming rate in the UK.

A petition was made by Dr Daniel Allen got over 100,000 signatures and so was debated in commons, as a result reform is now getting a second reading in October and new reforms to the existing laws on pet thefts is expected to be made.

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