New Manchester United kit is released for the new season and has been widely slated

As is always the way, leaks about the new seasons football kits get out and we all know what our favourite football club will be wearing before being officially released by the club.

Manchester United officially with Adidas released the 2018/19 home kits today and not many people were impressed with the design, more so the stripes which some say makes you want to buy the shorts since then you will have something that looks good enough to wear.

The away kit is all pink with stripes,  it truly looks dreadful and although Adidas have always been great with football kit designs this years three kits are below the standards people expect.

The price is another factor in this, £65 for a replica home shirt that would make you look fairly similar to the cartoon charachter Beano! we noticed also the sleeve sponsor is not on the replica kits, although you can buy the authentic shirt with the sleeve sponsor on which will set you back £109.99 that’s without the name and number on the back.

If you do opt for the authentic shirt remember that these shirts are about two sizes smaller than normal.


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