Hard hitting video shows why you must never go on or near live rail lines


A hard-hitting video has been released about the dangers of trespassing on a rail line or anywhere near high voltage electricity.


Here in Trafford we have train lines through Urmston and Flixton including the train lines at Altrincham and of course the metrolink line.

If you end up on one of these lines you are seriously putting yourself in danger, even if you don’t die which many do! your injuries could be life changing.

Even if you do get lucky and escape death or serious injury trespassing on a train line or tram lines is an offence which will land you in court no matter what your age and likely to be handed a £1000 fine.

Power lines are around 100 times stronger than the supply you get at home, and these lines are never turned off!

One of the things people are not aware about is that electricity can jump, its an invisible killer! so you can be killed stone dead without touching anything!


On major rail lines like the west coast mainline that runs from Piccadilly all the way to London Euston trains are going fast, 125mph fast! and once HS2 is in operation trains will be going around 200mph.
Trains this fast come at you in a blink of an eye, you cannot outrun a train, and you will not hear it, they are now almost silent, you may think that walking along the sides of a line is safe, this is not true as trains are much wider than the rails, and you are far more likely to trip on rail infrastructure you cannot see and end up on the line.
If all that was not enough for you, an even bigger killer awaits you in the third rail which carries 750 volts of electricity which is more than enough to kill you stone dead, no help will save you! it will be the end…just for a laugh with your mates? is that a laugh? more like a joke on you! leaving your family devastated, it simply is not worth it.
The electrified third rail is a nasty one, if you end up on it, you will be pinned to the rail and nothing will release you, no matter how strong you are, not even your mates will be able to release you, only emergency services can get the power switched off which takes time….a train is coming and fast it will not stop….you cannot move….your shouts…..your crys mean nothing, you cannot even wave or move to alert the driver.

9 out of 10 people die because of being on a rail line, are you going to be next? is that what your mates want for you? maybe one of them will be next and you will have to live with the horror of seeing your best mate pinned to a rail crying and you could not help him, or watching him or her become so seriously injured you are physically sick, it will change your life forever…..think!

Never mess around live rail lines! for more information please click this LINK

If you see anyone trespassing on a train line you must call the British Transport Police immediately on 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016 or dial 999



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