Cleaning up Redbrook Trail in Partington today is a risky business

A tidy up of the Redbrook Trail in Partington today with rangers from the National Trust comes with a risk that the organisers have until we contacted them was not fully aware.

As many locals know this trail has been used by many drug users it is very likely needles will be around and left behind drugs or other nasty stuff hiding in the shrubs.

We think it is incredibly short-sighted by the organisers to have put volunteers at so much risk.

A professional team needs to clear this bit of land or for someone to come in and check and re check to make sure nothing is hanging around, and this has not been the case so all these volunteers and the rangers are going in blind.

Your Housing Group have really nothing to do with this clean up operation although they did loan out a gardener to fix a few things.

Travis Perkins was on hand to deliver the new stairs that lead on to the trail.

The trail is very short although once it has been cleared will look good and anything the community does to help the area is something that needs to be done on a regular basis, putting something into where you live gives you a sense of pride.

With the school holidays now underway, kids will soon get bored and anything that will keep them doing something and out of trouble will be of huge benefit.

If you are going down today to help out just be very careful where you put your hands, we suggest using pickers and any sharps found put into one pile to be collected by someone else who deals with such things.

The fun starts at 2pm and it is going to be a nice day for this clean up.


(Image: Google Maps)


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