Let’s end the abuse and deaths of so many race horses in the UK

Horse racing has been going on for a long time and people enjoy going down to the bookies and having a gamble and it can be very social.

Whilst some people get great satisfaction from gambling on a horse or several horses they are not aware that the horse that they was backing probably died!

Horses go through serious trauma in just one race! often going up to 30mph after a race they are very tired, many drop dead at the end of a race, others have to be destroyed.

Next time you are in the bookies, backing that horse you hope will bring you a few quid extra remember the nightmare it is just about to go through, it has no option and often gets whipped to keep it going faster, even though it cannot take any more and is at death’s door.

Gambling back in the day, I can tell you the only winner is the bookies, you may come out now and then with a few quid, may even win a big amount, in the end though they take it all back, walking out of the betting shop feeling like crap, knowing they have taken all your money and you may have also contributed to the death of a horse or two in the process!

Horses are amazing animals, they have a sixth sense, and have human like feelings, they sense loss and get very attached ti its owner, they are animals some you can ride on with pleasure and they enjoy that at walking or a brisk trot, not 30mph with some guy on his back whipping the hell out of it.

You can do something about this! sign the petition to protect horses from abuse and death HERE



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