It is now time for Partington residents to claim there village or lose it to just about every one who wants to build on it

Over the last year and beyond it seems Partington is a soft touch for anyone who wants to build gigantic villages, or dump your football team on it like Salford City has just done.

With no representation or anyone with power able to ask questions for residents before anything happens, it seems anyone can do what they like in the area.

Ex footballer Gary Neville and his football team Salford City could get nowhere even after a long battle to try and build on Turn Moss in Stretford, they did not get what they wanted, it was then obvious they would turn to Partington, it was an easy choice and no one refused, maybe no one knew or even cared.

The new developments were publically challenged but not by those that claim to represent them, you see these developers have consultations which really is a way of making you believe you have a say, when in reality they have already made the plans and know they will get what they want and nothing anyone says makes a jot of difference.

So Linden/Laurus at Heath Farm Lane although seemingly delayed will be submitting there plans to the council very soon, did Partington need this? did it want this? where were the councillors to ask questions on behalf of the residents, no one was seen when we went to the last round of consultations.

Another new development is in the planning stages for over 400 new homes on green belt land off Warburton Lane, although the new the developer ‘Redrow’ could not immediately provide us with information and a further article will be published very soon.

No new shopping or medical facilities planned by either the Linden/Laurus at Heath Farm Lane or this new Redrow one on Warburton Lane meaning only one thing, shops will struggle to cope with demand, the doctors and the only one in the area will have to shut its doors to protect existing patients.

What we want is for the three councillors to come out of there shells and help these people once and for all, (we often go on about these three councillors, it is nothing personal) it will also help Warburtion residents as they will feel the impact on any new development…..and we havent even spoke about HS2 yet!

We are very concerned about what is about to happen in Partington and the fact that anyone can dump there football team (Salford City) or developments on them without any opposition, and more concerned that the councillors two of which lost heavily in other areas for obvious reasons previously, and one that won because no one else competed against her in the last local elections won’t represent them as they should do.

It is not all doom and gloom though, Partington residents are waking up to the reality of what is going on around them and the way they have been treated so badly by all in power positions in the past, it is now time for these people to get together and fight back, oppose anything that is not good for the area and we are fully behind them!

We will have more on the Redrow developments in the next day or so.


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