Parts of Trafford treated to the visit of a low flying military helicopter tonight

Sale West, Broasheath and Altrincham was treated to the visit of a low flying gigantic military heicopter tonight.

In the picture below we caught the helicopter with something in front of it, our camera is one of the best mobile phone cameras and nothing was in the way, we cannot explain what was in front.


It came over at around 6.30pm over Sale West and made a huge amount of noise, people coming out of shops and their homes to take a look.

The helicopter was coming over from a stop off at City Airport Manchester where it refuelled, many of these helicopters and other military aircraft can be seen on a frequent basis at the airport, however it is faorly rare to see one over Trafford.

We are not entirely sure what the name of this helicopter was but it sure was a nice surprise for those who saw it for them brief of moments.


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