Something is being hidden from the families of those on board Malaysian Airlines MH370

The investigation has proved to be inconclusive as to what happened to the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 that went missing over the indian ocean during the early hours in March 2014.

To this date investigators and teams of people have looked everywhere for the airliner, searched the seas from air and nothing has ever been found.

With nothing found, and no real clues from radar or Air Traffic Control it has become the biggest mystery of our times.

We ask though are the investigators and the teams looking in the right places, why are they so sure it crashed when obviously it did not! for us this aircraft landed at a US base called Diego Garcia.

It is interesting to hear about the extra passenger theory, however even if it was hijacked and brought down, the aircraft would have broken into bits, and in 4-years something would have shown up surely?

This plane landed, however what happened to the passengers remains a mystery, were they executed, and what has happened to the aircraft?

The one thing we know for sure is that the passengers families deserve to be told the truth about what happened to their loved ones, to give them some closure.

We are fully sure that the Malaysian authorities are not telling the truth to them for one reason or another.

As time continues onwards the families struggle not knowing the fate of all 227 passengers and crew and having no real help from those in power, learning about conspiracy theories and knowing something is being hidden from them is a greater pain to have to deal with.

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