Car chase on Sinderland Lane last night exposes the dangers to all road users

last night Aug 6th coming back from Partington our photographer captured what looked like a car chase as he was just about to turn left towards a bridge.

(Swearing can be heard if offended please turn down the sound)


He tells us that he could hear the roar of the car well before it got to the corner, and when it did it looked like all the wheel were off the road as it glided around the corner at an incredible amount of speed.

It looked like the driver had lost control and could have caused a bad situation, as it happened the driver kept control and went past our photographer, as he looked around a car that looked like a people carrier was in pursuit and gave him flashing lights.

It is unclear why he flashed our photographer although he could see the driver indicating something to him.

The car in front was way to fast and expect the guy behind gave up.

Sinderland Lane is not as nice as you may expect, like yesterday for the most part although a little busy it was mostly quiet, some days it can be completely quiet with no traffic on rare occasions you may not even hear that dumb dog barking at the last farm-house which had been reported.

Cyclists have died on Sinderland Lane, car fly at you at break neck speed, just the other day a van came past and was way to close to cyclists.

We have been trying to get something done so that cyclists can be removed from danger and can ride in safety to and from Partington, the abandoned rail line is the only option and it is looking good at this time, as it is likely the line will be re-opened next year and a cycle path alongside newly built rail tracks that could serve metrolink or even normal trains in the future.



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