Formula 1 ace Lewis Hamilton takes to social media about plastics in our seas

Formula 1 ace Lewis Hamilton took to social media to show the world how bad plastic and polystyrene pollution is in our seas on all continents.

He was at an undisclosed site of what looked more like a huge fly tip, it was actually all the bottles washed up from the sea.

In the short clip he said “Do not support the companies that are using plastics and polystyrene do not buy them”

Hamilton said on his twitter feed: “I’m in just one of so many beautiful parts of the world today when we stumbled across this mess.

“We couldn’t stand by, we had to do something.

“We all need to act, we must stop supporting companies that are blindly fixated on their profits at the expense of our beautiful planet.”

It is great to see super rich sports stars coming out and giving us the message we must all do something to help our planet, however to eradicate plastics entirely will take some doing.

Adidas have started using this type of plastics in football shirts, every little helps.


Photo @lewishamilton


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