EU could ban 4000 types of tattoo ink next year

Tattoos are safe to have, many people have them all around the world to normal every day people to superstars so what is the problem with the EU trying to ban the ink used?

Well it is more to do with the ingredient used in some inks, these inks are thought to be carcinogenic and could cause cancer, dna issues and harmful to human reproduction.

SOme 4000 inks used in tattoos could well be banned and because of brexit we will not have a say.

Public Health England is more concerned about how clean tattooists are than what goes in the ink which is correct.

The ingredients in the ink are though a little bit of an eye opener, it’s more the pigment that causes the issues, Mercury is used for a red, Barium for white, Chromium for a green ink, lead is used for many colours and nickle is used as a black ink, many other heavy metals are used in inks.

Now you know what goes into the making of the inks it might put you off that next tattoo! it is about choice and at this time no real evidence supports what the EU is saying about tattoo ink.

However you might want to get one done before the middle of next year as Brussels could put to sleep hundreds of tattooists jobs and some may go under ground which adds to the risks of catching serious diseases like HIV and hepatitis C since they will not be checked.


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