Partington Ear4U shop needs more donations

A community project and not for profit furniture shop on Moss Lane in Partington has been open for a few years now and are looking for more donations so they can help local people.

Ear4U do charge a small fee for some items which goes back into the community, and also helps the environment as furniture that is not wanted gets re used after refurbishment.

They need more furniture, chairs, tables and anything you do not need is accepted although really large items could cause some logistical issues and will not be accepted, it is worth having a chat to the team though.

The Ear4U team are Trish and Janice they also have Graham to help out with donations.

A new coffee shop is also being created and you can even just drop in and have a chinwag over a cuppa if you want to.

SOunds like a great place and a super idea to help the community and the environment.

You can donate and learn more about Ear4U by clicking this LINK

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