Turkish Grill in Timperley responds after Trafford inspectors give them a poor food hygiene rating

Turkish Grill on Park Road in Timperley had been given a 1 food hygiene score recently by Environmental Heath at Trafford Council and with the report to hand we could see why they got such a bad score.

Since then the manager of the take-away named as Mitra has been in contact with us to send a clear message that the take-away is now operating as normal and they have improved things to the standards we all expect.

After the visit by inspectors the take-away fixed some tiles which were broken, Mitra mentioned she felt that was the reason why they came down heavily on the take-away, they tell us that all the walls and ceiling have now been refurbished.

The manager then spoke about the fridges and the freezer, she tells us that they spent a fortune getting them serviced, she goes on to say that the fridge and freezer works well enough just the inspector took a temperature check when the doors had been opened which shot up to 7 to 8c.

Mitra had her husband try to explain to th inspectors, however they were having none of it and went against the take away’s poor rating.

Of course the inspector looked at everything and what we have read was not acceptable for a take away that many people use on a daily basis, since then some things have changed according to what the manager has said.

We feel much more is needed, the explanation for the fridges and freezers was a tad odd since if all was the right temperature then the reading would have been accepted, they say the temprature goes to 7c when a door was open!

It sounds to us they need a new fridge and freezer and not to spending anymore on a company that are so bad they couldn’t service a hub cap.

Any cans left around should be thrown away, records need to be kept up to date, and running water and clean towels as expected should be provided.

Looking at the report we suggest some training for staff on food hygiene, after our brief conversation it was now obvious that the manager has poor communication skills telling us on one email her english was poor.

If her husband is the same and they have difficulties understanding English then it might be for the inspectors to look in to this when they are talking with them as some things may have not understood.

We hope Turkish Grill in Timperley continues with the refurbishment, and continue to offer tasty food which in part they do and at a competitive price.





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