New updated dangerous cycling laws set to come into force in the UK soon

A 12-week long consultation has just got underway to see what people think about the new laws proposed to make vulnerable road users more safe.

The law change which we expect to happen with or without this consultation will likely mean cyclists who kill pedestrians will face the same punishment as car drivers, where it could mean a custodial sentence and a fine.

Last year 108 pedestrians in the UK were injured and three died as a result of collisions with pedal cycles, although seems fairly high and needless, is only a small drop in the ocean.

We have around 75m people in the UK and it is getting higher due to immigration issues, the government lost the plot with that a long time ago, so 108 and 3 dead whilst a sad statistic is not that bad considering the amount of cars, vans and lorry’s that kill cyclists!

The government though has with these new laws decided to also help cyclists, an improvement on infrastructure has been highlighted, this though needs serious money and it is hard to see where this will come from.

It is more likely nothing will be given to help cyclists and now you will see false claims going in about a cyclist knocking down someone, when they probably never even touched them, it will go on proof, however that cyclist will be locked up! it is true that in the UK your are guilty before you are innocent, so back to front the law is these days!

The man who knocked down a woman in broad daylight in recent times on a super carbon fibre bike which was a track bike with no brakes did not fully understand what this bike was in our opinion, to stop you need to apply pressure from the pedals, the nearest thing to a track bike is a fixie bike, however for these to be road legal a front brake needs to be fitted.

Any cyclist that kills someone on their bike due to dangerous cycling deserves all they get, some though and this is where the new laws need to take into consideration are of no fault to the cyclist, or an accident.

You can read more about these new law changes HERE

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